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Commentary From The Edge

For those unfamiliar with Pod Casts, let me give you a brief description. A podcast is, in its basic form, a verbal opinion piece. Most people have at one time or another read the editorial page of their local newspapers. Well, think of pod casts as the verbal versions of those written opinions or editorials. In fact many of my pod casts are predicated on editorials I've written and had published in my local newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer.

With each one of more than twenty of my editorials that have been published I have always loved the notion that what I've written could be read by tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of people. Well, with a Pod Cast there is the potential that what I say during a podcast has the potential to be heard my millions, any of the tens of millions of people world-wide who surf the net every day. It is a tremendous opportunity to get one's ideas out there and possibly influence national or world events.

My podcasts are produced and hosted by Just enter your zipcode to log onto the site and you will be offered a number of categories to choose from. My podcasts are featured under News and Sports. I've found that the site is a fine forum for the amateur as well as the professional podcaster, commentator or anyone who would like to communicate his or her ideas to the world.

My podcasts are reflections of my heartfelt and sincere opinions on a variety of subjects in what I think is a creative, somewhat whacky and entertaining manner. Some of my commentary may be over the top but make no mistake about it, I always speak what I think and believe. And I believe that you will be amused, sometimes frightened, perhaps enlightened and hopefully educated by the content of my podcasts. In the lower section of this page I offer, by subject matter, a sampling of my podcasts and my innermost thoughts and beliefs.

So turn up your volume, click on one of links below and hang on for the ride!


A Solution for Us

The Cuban Connection

Legalization of Drugs

Taking Back America

Government Charity is Ruining America

Liberal Illusions

The Big Lie

A One Trick Party

A Call To Arms

How Obama Save America

American Arms Race

the Absentee President

Decline of the Presidency

American Military Weakness

Black on Black


Plight of Black America

Urban Black Communities

Two Types of Black People

Tribalism vs Individualism

Government Sponsored Poverty

Blacks as a Jobs Program

Abortion in the Black Community

The Party of Dependency


Black Stereotypes

Obama's Effect on Black America

Economics and

the Environment

Money Madness

America Downshifts

Responsibility Taxes

Trickle-Down Economics

Entitlement Nation


Water Wars

2012 The End of The World

Greens Gone Wild

Societal Issues

Character Counts

Public Education Is Broken

Abortion Saves Suffering

Religion Is Dangerous

The Violence of Man

American Disconnect

The Perfect Solution

An American Suicide Pact

Guns & Freedom

Third World America

Surplus People

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