Exile All Murderers from Civilized Society

I have always been a hardliner on the issue of crime and the people who commit crimes. My opinion was hangem' high with as little cost to tax-paying citizens as possible, especially the murderers. Unfortunately our society has a difficult time coming to terms with how to punish crime in a way that exacts true justice, protects society and achieves agreement between the hardcore law-and-order types, like me, and the bleeding-heart liberals and Christians who don't believe forfeiting your life as punishment for taking a life is justified. And I must admit that there are some powerful arguments for the abolishment of the death penalty, mainly because the police, prosecutors, judges and juries cannot put aside their personal biases to render true blind justice.

I have a solution to this legal/societal quandary. Instead of putting murderers to death or jailing them for decades at great expense to the tax-payer and then releasing them back in civilized society, why don't we banish them from civilized society, permanently? Before the "geographically challenged" among us come with a knee-jerk reaction that no place in the U.S. is suitable for such a measure, may I suggest Attu Island. It is the 345 square mile island at the western most tip of the Aleutian chain, nearly 1,100 miles from the Alaskan mainland. The only residents are the 20 servicemen who man the Attu Island Naval Weather station.

My solution would solve the problem of what to do with people who refuse to obey the laws of God and man against taking the lives of fellow human beings. We could supply the plans, materials and supplies for building military style barracks, medical facilities and mess halls to house as many exiles as needed. We would also, on a regularly basis, deliver ample food, medical and clothing supplies so that the bleeding hearts can't raise charges of cruel and inhuman treatment.

There are 3,350 murderers on death rows across the nation. They include everyone from doctors to ditch diggers, every occupation needed to construct and maintain suitable housing, medical and feeding facilities. There are approximately 18,000 homicides committed every year in America. Probably 95% of the perpetrators should be exiled. Before the liberal crowd starts shedding crocodile tears about living conditions, at this rate, we could banish every murderer for 110 years before we achieved a population density of 5,739 exiles per square mile. Compared that to Los Angles, California, which has a population density of 7,876 persons per square mile.

With my solution, in one fail swoop, we would make life in America much safer for law abiding citizens and give murderers what they really want, a society without rules or regard for human dignity and one which does not value human life.