A Clean Sweep in 2012... Do It for the Children!

For the common man, for the past fifty years, life in America has been the best it has ever been in the history of the human race. I for one, feel privileged to have lived my life in this time and this place. However, I fear that our grandchildren and their children will not have the same opportunities that Americans have taken for granted for generations. Ironically, the greatest danger to our nation and our way of life is not a foreign power but the very people we elect to defend the constitution and preserve the promise of America. Our elected officials, composed largely of lawyers, have since the Johnson administration, gone on a spending binge that will result in the financial collapse of our nation and a degradation of the standard of living for future generations of Americans. Regardless of political party, each succeeding administration has added to the staggering national debt until it is now approaching $15 Trillion and will soon exceed the annual GDP. Much of that debt is owed to foreign nations, our economic competitors.

A couple of years ago, the former head of the GAO and America's Chief Comptroller, Mr. David Walker, embarked on a national tour to warn us of an approaching fiscal crisis if the politicians continue on the same reckless spending. Mr. Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman, has stated publicly that the current rate of government spending is unsustainable and if not checked will bring on a financial crisis in the near future. Many nationally renowned economists have similar opinions and have issued dire warnings. Still the people we elect to congress and the presidents of both parties ignore their own financial experts and continue down the road to financial ruin.

In my opinion there is only one way to put an end to this fiscal insanity. That is a clean sweep in the next election in 2012. I believe that if "We the people" expand on what the TEA Party has started and vote out every incumbent up for reelection, regardless of party affiliation, we will accomplish three things.

  • First and foremost we will rid ourselves of half of the problem.

  • It would send a resounding and unambiguous message to our elected leaders that we will no longer tolerate their fiscal foolishness.

  • It will put the newly elected Congress and President on notice that as the constitution stipulates, it is the people who are in charge, and that they are in office to serve our best interest, not the special interests or their own self-interest.

It is a drastic step and it will take a political maturing of the electorate but it must be done if we are to bequeath to our children and grand children the promise of the American dream we lived and enjoyed.