My Politics

I've always had strong beliefs and opinions about most of the important issues of the day and I've never been shy about expressing those views. The propensity to say what I think has gotten me in hot water with many of my family members, friends, associates, co-workers and of course my detractors.

I can remember a few times my big mouth got me in trouble when I was in the Marines. Sometimes the ways of the Corps just didn't make sense to me and when I was crazy enough to ask why or question something I thought didn't make sense I usually suffered the hard knocks. It was the main reason I didn't make a career of the military. I was too much of a free thinker.

Many times in my life I've been accused of being cold and uncaring. Because I usually take the hardline (hey, I'm an ex-Marine) and conservative stance on most issues, people tend to believe that I don't have sympathy for my fellow man. That couldn't be any further from the truth. I have great sympathy for children, the blind, the criple and the crazy. Anybody else can earn their own way in this life or starve. If that is cold and unfeeling, then I guess I have to plead guilty.

Below I offer my published and unpublished editorials. They are listed by catagory to make your browsing more convenient. I think you will at times be amused, angered, outraged and hopefully enlightened by my writing. By all means, send an email and give me a piece of your mind.

African-American Issues American Culture American Politics Geo-Politics

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World Powers Can't Afford Surprises

Bush Miscalculated

Obama Was Wise


Islam vs. Christianity
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